Evelyn Braxton

In trying to cope with her new world as a divorcée and sort through the reality that her husband of thirty-five years was unfaithful, Evelyn became depressed and the world around her became dark. She felt a cloud hanging over her head. She stop enjoying the things she took pleasure in before her divorce. She didn’t want to go outside or open the blinds to view the outside world.

One day Evelyn had a vision, and after her vision she began to see things clearly and optimistically. It was that day, after having that vision, she knew God had healed her heart.  After God healed her heart, she wanted to help remind others in similar situations that what God did for her he can do it for them as well. It was from her own testimony that her ministry and counseling service “God Can Heal The Heart” was birthed.

No novice to counseling, as Evelyn attended Sojourner College, in Annapolis, MD and Bowie State University where she studied Social Science and Psychology. She also attended Wesley Seminary College in Washington, DC, and had has pastored and counseled her own church for many years. Additionally, she was a tenured volunteer counselor at Sarah’s house, a shelter for distressed women and families.

Through God Can Heal The Heart, Evelyn offers life coaching and counseling services for individuals and families. She also does corporate speaking engagements and church events focusing on self-empowerment that helps encourage, motivate and and support other men and women who have been through personal trauma.  Evelyn has become an internationally sought-after Speaker on the issues of Domestic Violence, Self-Esteem, and Motivational Speaking.

Evelyn Braxton has tenured as a volunteer counselor at Sarah’s house-a distressed women and family shelter. She founded Ms. E; A Management and Artist Development Company established at Bowie State University (BSU). This setting also allowed Ms. E to mentor her student interns at BSU and other University systems such as Howard and Morgan State. 

Evelyn Braxton was also Founder and CEO of Princess Ashley Incorporated; a worldwide distributing company where Ms. E and her staff have trained University system students, and proudly, several of her trainees have started their own successful PR and distributing companies.

Evelyn has six very talented children- one handsome son and 5 beautiful daughters. She also has 12 beautiful grandchildren. Her motto is and forever claims “All that I am-and all that I ever hope to be- I owe it all to God-for He has healed my heart”.


Mother * Certified Life Coach * Motivational Speaker * Chef * Philanthropist

Evelyn Braxton, "Ms. E", "Mommie" or "mom-mom" as her grandchildren so affectionately calls her, is the matriarch of the Braxton Family.  Evelyn is the proud mother of Grammy® award-winning, legendary Pop and R&B icon Toni Braxton; singer and radio show host Traci Braxton; actress and international brand ambassador, Towanda Braxton; singer and successful businesswoman, Trina Braxton;  and Grammy® nominated singer and talk show co-host Tamar Braxton, who all are also the sisters from the hit WeTV reality show “Braxton Family Values."  She also has a son Michael Braxton, Jr., a phenomenal singer as well, making his debut on the Braxton Family Christmas album.  Evelyn was married to her children’s father Michael Sr for thirty five years; however their marriage ended in a divorce which temporarily left her devastated.


                                                             NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS

-Founded "God Can Heal the Heart", a mentoring and counseling organization

-Studied Life coaching and Motivational speaking at Deliverance Inc. - Maryland
-Studied at Truth Foundation - Maryland.
-1989 Speaker for Women's Annual Day Service: Living our Faith Women's Conference
-1994 Keynote Speaker at Sister to Sister women conference
-1996 Partnered with Baltimore, Md. Mayor's office of Children and Youth
-Worked with the homeless and substance abuse patients for encouragement
-Partnered with Sarah's House Family Shelter as tenured volunteer counselor for distressed women
-2007 Invocation Speaker at Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Awards Celebration in

 Honor of  Coretta Scott King (2007).


*Received Appreciation Award for Outstanding Volunteering Services
                                                    -Citizens of A.A. County - 1988

*Awarded Certificate of Achievement For Scholastic Achievement
                                                   - Annapolis, MD 1989

*Outstanding Mother Of The Year Award from the Women's Auxiliary
                                                    -The Annapolis Club, and Frontiers International in 1991

*Member of the Honors List from A.A. College in 1991