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Evelyn Braxton wears many hats––minister, life coach, singer, and matriarch to America’s talented siblings, Toni, Michael, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar Braxton. Ms. Braxton comes fully armed with her love of God and her educational background to inspire people worldwide.

From the long roads of Columbia, South Carolina, to the city streets of Severn, Maryland, Ms. Braxton quickly learned the value of family and a solid foundation with God. After facing and overcoming the hardships that life can bring, Ms. Braxton has learned to live with no regrets. Instead, she lives a life full of love and grace.

Ms. Braxton is committed to serving others, recently launching several businesses created to encourage and inspire that it is never too late to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.


Ms. Braxton is the founder of God Can Heal the Heart, an organization of self-development founded to edify and counsel individuals towards their true purpose in life. From witnessing domestic abuse, depression, and overcoming personal struggles, Ms. Braxton is now using her platform to advocate for and with individuals who want to have a better life. Ms. Braxton doesn’t stop there. She has launched her own beauty line, Ms. E's Beauty Solutions, a beauty brand created to enhance one’s natural beauty. Ms. E’s Eyebrow Growth Serum conditions and enhances for fuller, healthier-looking brows.   

Today, Ms. Braxton is working on adding the title of author to her resume. She is preparing, with great excitement, for the release of her debut book, Cooking with Ms. E: A Book of Recipes and Family Memoirs. This cookbook is both a culinary and a personal memoir of Ms. Braxton’s life. This project is very near and dear to Ms. Braxton’s heart, offering a connection to her love of cooking and her family.


Evelyn Braxton attended Sojourner College (Annapolis, MD) and Bowie State University (Bowie, MD), where she studied Social Science and Psychology. She also attended Wesley Seminary College in Washington, D.C. In addition, she was a volunteer counselor at Sarah’s House of Distressed Women and Family Shelter. Ms. Braxton enjoys sharing life nuggets, along with spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandson.

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